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  • Voice of Electronic Music #48 - Techno, Synthesis, & Sound Design - Sebastian Rodriguez (Damienn)
  • Voice of Electronic Music #47 - Dubstep Events - Chris Archey (Olympus/Vital/DNA Lounge)
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  • Voice of Electronic Music #45 - Minimalism & Ear Candy - Juanton (OKNF/Late Night Munchies)
  • Voice of Electronic Music #44 - Nicola Buffa (Source Field Sound)


Music & Podcast

I’ve been listening to podcasts for over 10 years now, and making music since 2001. Sometime last year I decided to combine my love for both and created the Voice of Electronic Music podcast. Each week I sit down with music producers, DJ’s, promoters, festival planners, club owners, etc. and talk about how they do what they do, and what they’re currently excited about. Hosted at Halcyon nightclub in San Francisco.

You can listen to episodes in the ‘podcast’ section of this site.


With all the many sub-genres of House music that exist, it’s tough to put Scott’s music into any one category. The elements of his past seem to creep into the overall character of his music; A passion for the art of sampling born from his years producing hip hop. Deep soulful chords and melodies that pluck at the heart strings. Hard hitting kicks enveloped in a warm hug of sub bass. Dynamic peaks and valleys of artistically crafted breakdowns and buildups that are more akin to a psychedelic collage found at an art exhibit than to an EDM chart-topper.

Fueled by an obsession with finding the perfect bassline, Scott pulls from his life to craft each song. Often laced with playful and catchy hooks freed from the confines of his head, chopped and screwed DJ breaks brought back to life from his vinyl collection, and sampled sounds from the world that surrounds him, it’s quite obvious he’s found a voice within his sound- an avenue of creativity that sparks playfulness, fun, and curiosity. Scott considers himself to be more of an artist than a musician; an engineer more than a composer; an explorer more than a song-writer. All of this combines to create a sonic landscape that’s as as light-hearted as it is heavy.

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