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Nov 2024
Fabric London — London EC1M 6HJ, United Kingdom

Falling Stars

Enrico Sangiuliano, Chris Liebing, Black Asteroid



With all the many sub-genres of House music that exist, it's tough to put Scott's music into any one category. The elements of his past seem to creep into the overall character of his music; …

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Something special happens when a music producer pulls from nostalgia of the past to write music for the future. Feelings from dozens of relationships, all successful to a certain degree, all of which came to …

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Supercharge Your DAW to DEFINE Your SOUND // Music Producer Diaries

Alright so, as long as I’ve been making music I’ve always searched low and high for ways to make my own sound unique- to make everything that I make stand out in some way that differs from the rest. Now, probably to my own detriment, I’m going to share with ...


Poly Evolver Tutorial #5 – Deep Wobble Chords

This sound is a more modern Flume style future bass or deep house sound that work great with chords. It’s also got some aftertouch controlling the filter amount so there’s some movement as you play. As you know with music production and synthesis, any bit of movement you can create ...


Studio Tour 2020 // Music Producer Diaries

See how I’m able to pack so much gear in such a small space! I’m often posting photos of my studio setup to forums and Facebook groups and I thought… you know what’s better than a photo? VIDEO. So here’s a 2020 studio tour of my compact San Francisco studio ...


Why Behringer Copying Music Gear is GOOD // Swing MIDI controller // Music Producer Diaries

Many people are upset that Behringer has copied the Arturia Keystep with their new product Swing. It looks to most like an almost exact replica. What’s more strange to me is how everybody is criticizing Behringer when in fact they’re not unique by copying the product of another company. It ...


Poly Evolver Tutorial #4 – Chute Bells

This one’s a simple bell sound with a bit of noise and delay. In the video I used two thin pulse waves and a formant waveform. There are specific bell wave shapes available for oscillators 3 and 4 but I chose not to use them for this bell sound. Just ...





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