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  • Voice of Electronic Music #68 - Don't Over Think Music - Frida Joy (DMT LBL)
  • 102.5 KXSF Noise Shack Radio // 90's & 2020's House Music Mix
  • Scott Brio // Nu Disco Mix (2014)
  • Voice of Electronic Music #67 - Trance at Festivals - Niko Zografos (Phoria/TFSF)
  • Voice of Electronic Music #66 - Knowledge Over Gear - SHDWS (Night Bass Records)
  • Voice of Electronic Music #65 - Singles VS Albums - Riffa (OKNF Collective)


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Finding great guests, scheduling podcast episodes, recording, editing, and posting episodes is not easy. This is a labor of love but also a lot of work. There are often many difficulties in this process, often new challenges entirely, just to host and produce each episode. If you’d like to help keep episodes coming as well as ensure more guests, as well as more frequency, please consider donating to help fund the Voice of Electronic Music Podcast and my efforts.

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A creative explorer. Into figuring out how things work, and making them do cool things.

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