Friends w/ Benefits

// San Francisco



Something special happens when a music producer pulls from nostalgia of the past to write music for the future. Feelings from dozens of relationships, all successful to a certain degree, all of which came to an end. Often people ‘click’ for one reason or another, drift into sync with each‐others lives in a serendipitous display of fireworks, only for the show to be over as quickly as it began. Brief moments of passion shared between two souls, whether for a night or an eternity.

Friends With Benefits pulls from these scraps of memories, piecing them together like a puzzle. With deep sub bass, searing leads, twisted vocals, and heart felt chords‐ the music is enough to make the listener melt into a moment of ‘here and now’, simultaneously swaying back and forth breathing deep lungful’s of life, hope, and excitement for what’s around the corner. Living without fear, loving recklessly, yet reminiscing fondly of the people you were 5, 10, 15 years ago.

In a world of catchy EDM hooks, ‘Pryda snares’, and smashed ‘radio loudness’ songs‐ Friends With Benefits takes a more ethereal approach. It’s not music‐for‐the‐masses as much as it’s music for the fanatics who really feel. An encapsulated presence of love, passion, nostalgia, and human connection. Or, as Friends With Benefits likes to call it: Heart‐felt baby making bass music.


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