New remix! Mr. Probz – Waves (Scott Brio Remix)- released yesterday!

If you’ve never heard of Mr. Probz, you should definitely check him out.  He’s a Dutch hip hop artist, songwriter and producer who makes some awesome music. I particularly like “Waves” because it’s an acoustic song with some super soulful lyrics. And what a voice! Make sure to check him out on iTunes, and give my remix a listen- there’s a few remixes already out there of Waves, but I felt they were all either too abstract, or lacked the energy needed for a festival, etc. I think I captured that in my version, check it out below:



Oh Land- Wolf & I (Scott Brio Remix)

New remix done and up! My neighbour Tuna brought this one by demanding it needed a dubstep remix, so I had to oblige. Oh Land is a dope group, and this track is one of my favorites of theirs. It took some time to get this one right, as I only had the stereo track to remix- a formidable challenge to a studio remixer. None the less, it’s chalk full of deep bass, cracking drums, and wild screaming synths. Give it a listen!


New Album Done! Scott Brio- Ghost Light LP

After a long, exciting process of creating and compiling sounds, I finally finished my Ghost Light LP. I’m super stoked on this particular release because it’s got a lot of original sounds, one of a kind samples, and really catchy beats mashed together to create something I think it’s pretty special. Most importantly- this album is being released free to all my fans; a gesture of thanks for all the support I’ve been getting =)

Click the link below to download it FREE!