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For over 17 years I’ve been a music producer by trade. I also do a good amount of video, and photography. I find myself equally comfortable in the both the studio or office setting; I enjoy being able to thrive in both environments.  My professional working experience includes a variety of skills from using my outgoing and friendly personality to manage customer service for startups, to conceptualizing, recording, editing, and mastering commercials, videos, and podcasts. When I’m not doing that, I manage all the music and sounds for the record label I’m on. Every bit of audio goes through me- from mixing and mastering the music of our artists,  creating audio ‘bumpers’ for our weekly radio show, to helping with the A&R process and artist development. I’m comfortable in most DAWs, proprietary mobile recording rigs (audio and video), and have a plethora of editing techniques on hand as well as a vast collection of equipment and my own home studio. Below is my ever growing working porfolio broken down into sections.

Commercials & Promotional Media



I make music under two aliases- Scott Brio (House Music) and Friends w/ Benefits (Future Bass), as well as do all the mixing and mastering for all the artists on our label. This is my music- the mix/mastering examples will be in the mixing and mastering section below.

Radio Shows

This is the weekly radio show I produce with all of our artists and label owners. Each week is a revolving mix of our favorite music, with some ‘radio style’ info about themselves as well.

Mixing & Mastering

In these examples, the audio will switch between the original un-mastered version, to my mixed and mastered version, with the volume adjusted for accurate comparison.



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