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Hi there! I’m an audio engineer, video producer & editor, photographer,  sound designer, and mixing and mastering engineer. Below is my ever growing working portfolio broken down into sections.

Youtube Product Reviews:

In this video I review the new Solid State Logic 2+ audio interface, and compared it’s performance to other audio interfaces. I conceptualized, shot, color corrected, colorgraded and edited the entire video which include screen captures and multiple locations shot on my Sony A7S camera.


This is my own labor of love- the Voice of Electronic Music podcast. I do everything from shoot, color correct, edit, audio mixing/mastering, graphic design, host, and distribute to every major streaming platform.


Below is also special to me. I hand-built the entire podcast studio (everything you see in the video, literally), ordered and assembled the camera and audio gear, and co-produced the recording itself with a partner.


Another podcast of which I built the studio, produced the podcast, and edited delivered the final product to the client.


A recent podcast I did the consulting for. I trained the host on how to record, edit, and distribute the podcast all on her own. The OCD Whisperer podcast:

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Commercials & Promotional Media:

This is a video for a meal delivery service featuring celebrity athlete Brooke Ence. The video was pre-produced, shot, edited, color-corrected, and color-graded by a partner and myself.


Here’s a promotional video my partner and I produced as well for a popular athlete Alessandra Pichelli.


Video tours of bars & nightclubs I made for a project:





Photos shot for Maison Corbeaux, a high-end bottle shop in San Francisco.

Services & Employment:

Currently I’m the Sound & Lighting Director at Halcyon nightclub in San Francisco which takes up my Friday and Saturday nights, as well as a few hour sprinkled throughout the week. I’m hoping to find something that’s part or full time in video editing or content production.

My services available are:

  • Video editing
  • Video production
  • Audio engineering
  • Sound Design
  • Photography


You can contact me via email or phone:


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