ReWire 64-32 – A handy rewire tool for Ableton 10

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Upon upgrading to Ableton 10, I realized that ReWire between 64bit Ableton and 32bit Reason wasn’t working anymore. I was unpleasantly surprised. A quick Google search returned results for a little program someone in Japan made (I would give credit but it’s fairly nameless and in Japanese). The site is a Yahoo Blog which looks straight out of 1998. Combined with the fact that it’s in Japanese, most people wouldn’t even think twice about not downloading the program for fear of viruses and malware. I however didn’t want to pay for the most recent version of Reason- the old one does everything I need it to- and bravely took the plunge.

I was delighted to find that the program works fantastically and requires almost no maintenance after setup. Just install, and then make sure to start it before Ableton and Reason- I put it in my taskbar to remind me. Ableton will also give you a reminder when you’ve opened it up before ReWire 64-32.

If you’re looking for a solution like I was, definitely give it a try. Download it at the link below, or click here.

ReWire 64-32 Bridge Version 1.3.0

If this link ever becomes inactive, shoot me a message and I’ll happily upload the locally saved version I have. Cheers!


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