Successfully using MouseWithoutBoarders with PUBG

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Ok, so I had a frustrating past few weeks trying to figure this one out. I’m currently using two PC’s- one to game and one to stream. I have three monitors and using two mouse and keyboards was becoming a huge pain in the ass. I tried a few mouse/keyboard sharing programs but the best has been MouseWithoutBoarders. It’s free in the Microsoft Garage section, which is unbelievable. It lets me use my main keyboard and mouse on both computers, switching over seamlessly. The problem was, for whatever reason, games like Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) get confused and my mouse would slip from one computer to the next, leaving me helpless in my video game unless I quit MouseWithoutBoarders.

Today I figured out some settings to make both programs work together. I basically disabled ‘Easy Mouse’ in the settings, as well as ‘Toggle Easy Mouse’. I hit ‘Ctrl+Alt+L’ to lock the machines (although I don’t know if that actually did anything but I figured I’d mention it), and then just switch between computers using the Ctrl+Alt+(F1, F2, F3, F4) keyboard shortcuts. The result is, my mouse stays at it’s selected computer, even in game, until I hit the keyboard shortcut, in which case it pops over to the other computer. Sweet! No more annoying loosing of my mouse mid game!

I’ve posted my settings below. Let me know below if you found this helpful! Cheers and happy gaming!

MouseWithoutBoarders Direct Download: here

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